Saturday, 31st March 2012, Student Council members of Pusat Tingkatan Enam Meragang (PTEM) spent their Saturday night in school arranging homemade candle lanterns around the college. This is to show their support in the global cause “Earth Hour” where throughout the whole college; lights were switched off and lanterns were lit up in rows all over the compound.

PTEM’s participation further brands their reputation as being an eco-friendly school; the lanterns arranged around the school were also made from recyclable materials collected around the school. The Vice President 2 of the Student Council further elaborates on the event; “PTEM’s is an eco-friendly school and we want to show that to the world. Initially, the plan was just to show our support by switching off the lights for an hour but the idea of lighting up the school without using electricity, emerged, and so we incorporated that to our efforts in putting PTEM on the map.

Our members had to individually switch off the lights via separate switches on every floor and had to plant homemade lanterns all over the school where our objective was so the school, illuminated by candles during Earth Hour, could be seen from the highway. With the approval from our Principal and participation of the Student Council, the event was a success.  It was an amazing experience; being in school at night and doing all of these.”

Pusat Tingkatan Enam Meragang further strives to be a more environmental college and hopes to be the spark that will ignite flames of inspiration in order to spread awareness.

By Nazatul Syazwani, Student Council of PTEM.

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