Penang ministry enforcement office recently took a full blown investigation on the local market eggs after finding out that most of them were fake and unauthentic. A total of 270 eggs from three stalls in markets were seized and were turned on for further inspection. They were artificially made in China containing chemicals that can have severe repercussions on consumers health The AMO Times reports to readers now.

In the picture below it looks like a normal egg, the only problem is that the egg whites looks unnaturally transparent.

The egg yolk would look as if its been mixed with flour, giving it a coarse look.

Part of the chemical formations used in the fermentation of the artistically egg include calcium carbonate, resin, salt, flour and many more.

While the fake egg yolk is made by Calcium Chloride and a hardening ingredient.

It is then caste into a hard material to then solidify it.

It is then dried first before mixing it with a special solution. The solution is Parifin wax which will then form the outer membrane of the yolk.

The egg shell to is made through some chemical ingredient.

Here is the final result after cooking. Looks “authentic”. Made in China.

To help readers identify the artificial eggs it would look more shiny and smoother than the original.

FOOTNOTE: For preventive measure we warn the readers that in China the fake eggs have circulated in their market already. What is worse is that it looks more authentic and makes it hard for the people to identify them. There may be a small chance for these eggs to penetrate the Brunei Market, so we warn the readers to take preventive measure. Share the message now.

By Muaz Shiddiqin, Ex-PTEM