If you want to complain or give feedback against the government or any private institution then its an honorable cause because you contribute something. In this case an idea or suggestion which the relevant authorities can at least think about it and afterwards do their best in adjusting their system. The above article is from a person under the name “Mau Paha” who ranted that His Majesy’s government should have a duty in keeping the people(or in this case himself) happy that it should give everything for free. A perfect world where everything is handed out for free from the pockets of the government. This is a refutation for his rants.

Just make sure that you put YOUR real name on so that you can be accountable on what YOU say, not “Mau Paha” or”P. Ramlee” like that. A leader is someone who knows his way, leads the way the way and goes all the way. In this context it will be helpful for the nation to have a leadership mindset to speak what is in their mind and not hide under an alias. We need more leaders in this nation not more followers.

Do not be an anonymous, be brave, if you make mistakes then that is that, you can correct it tomorrow. Done. Leaders are those people who dares to look foolish in front of others. That is why they are leaders in the 1st place. It’s not the persons fault that his ideas are too perfect but at least write some good suggestions in specific areas so that the authorities can manage them.

Another point I like to make, if more Bruneians continue to have a “something for nothing” mindset then sooner or later, the country will sink down drain. Look at America and the great depression. To those who did not of this its the moment when the economy falls apart. Imagine your parents having no jobs and you have to work whilst in college or primary or secondary level. All to make ends meet for the family. That is the situation faced by the Americans during the period. People like Ron Paul.

The reason why it happened is because of the something for nothing culture where people demand higher and excessive pay with lesser work. Its like you hiring a waiter to do the work for $4.00 per hour. But the person did not do the work, lazy and inconsiderate. Instead of busting his butt out there, he just sits around and do nothing. Afterwards he wants more pay, an increase of $3.00 more for his bad work ethics. The person like this is selfish and as any logical person would do is to show him the door out of the restaurant. Or in this case fire him off.

Conclusion is that a person should not be anonymous in his resolve in complaining or giving feed backs against the government. A person should be a leader. Brunei rather as a whole should not have a something for nothing culture. The people should do their best in giving what is worthy for the payments they receive. A honest day’s worth of labor in this case. The sooner we come to grips that free is not necessarily free is the moment when we can do good for our national interest. Let it all be known that a something for nothing mindset will lead us to an economic depression. If not this decade then soon.