Fellow students from Maktab Sains is rolling up the carpets for a mini pilot reality youtube show entitled “So Siuk 2012”. The show was inspired by the Korean variety show “Running Man”. This time its the Bruneian Version of it that they wish to make.

With the episode to be released within a month from now, The AMO times got a bit of dose of what it is to be expected from our youth hopefuls.

Farihin Hamdani, the executive producer said that the youtube show is going to be a great show for families to get along with.

“Brunei…(has little) reality series to actually have them(The Public) sit down and watch with the family and all. So why not, a funny, closer to our show can make us all come together and (make us) sit down and watch something we can relate to.”

She furthermore mentioned that it may be another avenue for the netizens in having a chance to see Brunei’s places of interests and to have a view of what it is like going on in the daily life of normal Bruneians.

“Its special” she said “because it promotes our country and although Brunei’s quite small, the places here can be interesting.” In the youtube information bar it also wrote “To show the lifestyles of Brunei(ans) in a more unique way”

As the setting in the Running Man Korean Version, there will also be games played in the show. But in this case the games would be environmentally-oriented.

“InshAllah” Farihin hopes “though the lack of budget, if successful we will expand to more locations throughout (Brunei). Slowly, maybe we can make better industries(media) in Brunei. Finally.”

Above is the sneak peak of the “next reality show” in Brunei starring the students of MS. It will be scheduled every Sunday after the local 2nd school term holidays. The show consists of MS Students namely Musyirah Maheerah, Hazwani, Haazimah, Ummu Hanani, Mizah, Haifa Hamizah, Sriwanti and Afifah Judin and directed by Farihin Hamdani

Keep in touch with them by subscribing in their Youtube channel or following them on twitter @ohohfarihin for more details.