Bandar Seri Begawan – Some 49 students from the Panchur Murai Primary School yesterday paid a visit to the Brunei History Centre, where they learnt the value of history through activities and story-telling.

According to the History Officer at the centre, Pg Hjh Mahani, the children aged between five and 11 were given the opportunity to learn about history through the activities organised by the Resources Department.

She stated that the type of activities will not only help enhance the love for history to the children but also will help plant the seeds of knowledge about Brunei’s rich history and the importance of history and documentation to the young generation of the country.

Meanwhile, students from the Awang Haji Mohd Yusof Primary School and Penanjong Primary School also paid a similar visit to the Brunei History Centre.

Both visits were held at the Brunei History Centre Library where the students were given the opportunity to enrol as a member of the library in order to help them with future research and studies about Brunei’s history for their school projects or otherwise.


Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin