You know your in university life when they expect you to know every single thing out there whilst not controlling your every behavior. What could have been a bane to people like me is now a blessing for the independent environment automatically teaches one on how to organize life, time and energy.

Sure one will be given feedback once in a while when making mistakes but unlike Maktab Duli or any totalitarian institute they let us be as we are. They do not treat you like a child as unfortunately some teachers in Brunei do. They will not try to call you up to command you to tuck your shirts, cut your long hair, fix your behavior, do this or do that. The people in university knows that you are a responsible adult and that level of expectation strives students to act and be an adult hence.

It is a healthy environment which gives the expression of the students a balanced priority. They respect your space and gives you the materials, resources and other things if you should need help. University Essex provides such a place as I am in now. I have no worry at all. The classes runs an hour each which totaled up to 8 hours a week for 4 different modules and 4 different seminars for my course in the 1st year. The timing is simply brilliant. In between the free hours I can wake up early, study, read, rest and sleep late as much as I like. The classes are imperative and if you know how to manage your time as you will soon as you are Expected to do, you can save a lot of time, money and energy.

In a semi unconscious way the levels of expectation and responsibility by the staffs drilled into one’s heads to be responsible for our life and duty. It makes us aware for where we stand in life and the crossroad which we will follow through. There is a Chinese saying which states “Never leave anything behind”. In university life you may have to remember it. The small things we do will create our future and university life gives us that challenge and test to see if we are fit to handle a greater responsibility of tomorrow.

One negative thing which should be in the beholders mind is that in university they will expect you to know how to do an essay. It has never been taught to us here. They will not touch so much on the issue. It is as if you should know it which in fact most of us do not. I do not know how to make an essay effectively, in how to structure it, to references, cite, table of contents etc. Yet with the wanders of that handicap it forced each students to look at resources themselves. Albeit being self-reliant and self-resourceful in matters of coursework concern. It tests our ability to know how to handle it.

Another great point about the essay is that it will teach you on how to set deadlines for yourself. How you manage your time is key in handling it before the deadline and how to create an effective essay. In short it teaches you how to set priority and self manage your time in handling different essays. Each essays contain at least 2000 words. Mine has 2000 words for 3 essays and another one for 2500. The latter is an Accounting essay. My favorite subject of all(Sarcasm). Truthfully, I do not know what I will get for my 4 essays once I submit it. Hopefully good marks as what everyone would wish. The deadline for essays for undergraduates for my case will be this March.

To conclude, university life teaches you valuable things, they set standards which they expect you to abide by while giving you independence for your well being. You are responsible for your own success and failures. From this it will teach you how to manage your affairs, time and energy. Final point is that creating an Essay will be a flash point for every student to look out for.

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