Does it not seem a bit odd to know that the video about Kony have touched our hearts and has gone viral for the past day. I mean look at the Kony video carefully.

22:23 – one eye flashed quickly
25:11 (woman on wall / face in man’s hand – one eye)
25:12 // masonic logo
25:13 – one eye on wall
24:14 – eye on sheriff badge
25:15 – Obey (subliminal message) – the face of the logo [turn it upside down- mouth = eye]
25:37 – one eye covered
26:59 – 27:00 one eyed kanye west (flashed quickly)
**27:38 – triangle with “new world”

Watching the video did make me moved that I shared it however, some parts of the video was “off” that it made me unpost it. This thing has been going on for years (child abduction, rape, children being forced to kill in Africa – I’ve watched documentaries on it when I was a kid) and trust me it’s not just Kony who’s been doing this inhumane terrible act. I get it that these children need their voices to be heard! I 100% agree and I would do anything I could to help.

But why is it all of the sudden, news spreading like wildfire on JUST this KONY guy?? Why did it keep on emphasizing on 2012?? Why is it that we have to catch this guy by 2012??? My friends & I, ALL OF US would naturally SUPPORT ANY GOOD CAUSE and I’m sure all of you do too but seriously if you think about it this video has “weirdness” oozing out of it despite how really touching it is. I’m not trying to bring up any Illuminati crap cause I dont know how much of you believe in that but what’sup with the triangle??? I know it’s like a sample of Maslow’s hierarchy or some bollocks but please please please, BECAREFUL and BE AWARE of the littlest things – May Allah protect us all, open up our eyes and strengthen our Iman – Ameen ameen!!

P/s: Most of you might think I’m a weirdo from now on but think about it. I’m not trying to say “don’t support”. All I’m saying is, “that ONE day” will come and we’ve to becareful.

Post edited from Nathéa Salleh’s facebook post by Abdul Malik Omar