As I arrived in the city town of Southend-on-sea, it was all but dark. Dusk has settled and everything was quiet. The place was cold and the environment looks empty. Except a few people walking around.

I continued to walk through the “High-Street”, an English term to describe their commercial centers. Along it were world class franchise’s of the likes of Starbucks, Costa, O2 and Next etc. I would like to have these to be in Brunei Darussalam someday. The economy is evident. It is nice and it is powerful. Hope I can say the same to Brunei someday without offending the Monopolist.

I wander around and  after asking the direction of where the university was I went along. Went to the university and found that it was all but locked. There were a few university personal inside so I knocked on the glass facade. They let me in and I inquired of my arrival. Obviously it was to late for that because the admin was closed since 4pm. It was 5pm then, unlike Brunei it was dark already. They told me to come tomorrow.

I had no place to go. I can not simply sleep in the streets. “Unless…If I have no choice that is” the voice in my brain said. The environment starts to urn pitch black so I reside to walk across the High Street to see if there is something that fancy me. Went to Costa and have a drink. While at that organizing my finances.

I was getting really tired and cold. After the fiasco I had to endure earlier that morning as stated in the last episode: My Journey: Blunders, Blunders, Blunders, it made me a bit exhausted.I can not point out enough that the weather is cold. If any of you guys come here you will feel it. The cloth I am wearing that time was a thin jacket that I brought in Brunei. Much worst is the location of the town, its next to the ocean. Wind breezes flowing towards the center and I can feel it chilling in my bones. My hands were freezing and my eyes are getting drowsier by the moment.

Then and there I set out in a quest to find a hotel. The magical place where there is bed and there is a heater. I got inside a hotel like place only o find out that its a bar. Englishmen drinking and the bar tender serving them. Almost the one you see in the TV. Then somehow after wandering around the hotel I find myself a bit confused. So I sat down on the corner of the city streets next to a retail shop where I brought a pint of milk earlier on.

Somehow I don’t even care about being embarrassed anymore. I just sat there and rested. Droves of people past me by. Mostly the ones who partied on the night clubs. They were drunk and crazy. Some sober and some flirty. They look at me as I sat there.

It reminded me of how I slept on the bench of the Tanjong Pagar train station, Singapore while waiting for my train to go to Malaysia. A lot of people, Singaporeans, Malaysians were watching me lay rest on the bench, laid out like there is no care in the world. It was a nice sleep.

So I was thinking should I do the same? Well unfortunately no because I will be freezing to death.

I come searching for a place to stay and after hours of searching, finally found a nice rest house to stay. I had to pay £20 per night. Then and there the bed was in front of me and the heater too. It was warm and the bed was extremely nice. Slept and hibernate like a panda and have no care of the world surrounding me.

Episode 4. My Journey: Starting in Essex University.
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