At the 16th of February 2012, a 4 way rugby showdown match was held in PTEK and joining the competitions were students from PTEK, PTEM, JIS and ISB. There were 6 matches in total as students battle it out for the championship. One of the objectives for the match is to strengthen the ties between the students from different colleges. It was held in the afternoon in the PTEK Field.

Match results are as below.

1st match : 7-0 PTEM/ISB vs PTEK A
2nd match : 4-1 PTEM/ISB vs PTEK B
3rd match : Unconfirmed PTEK vs JIS
4th match : 1-4 PTEM/ISB vs JIS
5th match : 3-4 PTEK vs JIS
6th match : 1-5 PTEM/ISB vs JIS
*Source from Taqy Syazwan of PTEM

Reported by Fatin Ghazali and Edited by AMO. Picture Source from the awesome PTEK Pulse website.

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