Bandar Seri Begawan – It was total chaos in the capital last night when a man marched down the streets of the capital brandishing what appeared to be a metre-long ‘parang’ and stopping vehicles along the way.

The leap-day drama was believed to have started from a bus stop located next to the Syariah Court at around 8pm and ended two hours later when the man was finally overpowered by the police inside a supermarket behind the Taurean Cafe, The Arch.

When the Bulletin arrived at the bus stop, vehicles were seen swerving to the shoulders to avoid the man while police officers trailed him on foot carrying police batons and sticks.

According to a police officer who was involved throughout the incident, the man was first seen stopping his car at the bus stop, before he went berserk for no reason and forcefully attempted to stop incoming vehicles and passers-by.

As soon as the police found out about the situation and attempted to bring the situation under control, the man swiftly took out the weapon from his car, which appeared to be a ‘parang’ and kept shouting at the oncoming traffic along the way.

The Bulletin learned that the man kept on marching without any intention to stop with the ‘parang’ still in his hand from the bus stop to Tamu Selera, and further to the High Court of Brunei Darussalam before he eventually jumped over the road divider along the highway leading to the RIPAS Hospital and Jame’ ‘Asr Hassanil Bolkiah.

A motorist, who was caught in the middle of the mayhem, described the man as “desperate-looking in his 30s” who stopped right in front of his car and tried to shout something as the police was telling everyone to ignore him and keep moving.

The man is believed to be a local Chinese but his full identity and motive are not known yet.

A witness to the chaos claimed that around 10 to 20 police personnel comprising the Reserve Unit and the Crime Investigation Department gave the man a chase into a store in a commercial area along the vicinity of the Kiulap roundabout. The witness also added that the police lay their hands on anything that was available as a defence including broomsticks.

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The eyewitness explained that she was confused when the suspect ran into the shop and police had told patrons at a nearby restaurant to keep their distance. She also said that the suspect was still aggressive when the police escorted him into the police car.

Another source said that a Reserve Unit personnel was seen struggling on the shop’s floor with the suspect following a chase by police on foot and also by car.

The shopkeepers also said that the man appeared lost after making his way into the convenience store. After a long chase with the police, his frail attempts to escape came to an abrupt end as authorities took control of the situation.

As the man entered the convenience store, the shopkeepers said they hurriedly walked off in the opposite direction. When the Bulletin arrived at the scene after the man was overpowered, canned goods such as condensed milk items were seen strewn on the floor indicating the commotion inside the convenience store.

Rumours swirled that it was an exercise following a report published in the Sunday Bulletin that the police was conducting the final exercise of Security Control Basic Course Phase.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin
–Video Courtesy by ConcernedCitiization