This is a 10 part series that is aimed for the Bruneian Scholarship hopefuls to study to UK. Hope you guys enjoy this. 

“So this is UK huh” my brain muttered as I was packing my bags in Brunei Hall, Getting ready to head to my new university. I felt a sense of exhilaration, contemptment and naivete in me. I mean here I was in UK thinking that I can conquer it. Alas things went down under that it conquered me. Both physically, mentally and financially. Blunders, Blunders, Blunders. It was a very disappointing moment by the time everything ended. The journey was from the begging a blunder.

First I do not know where in the world Essex University(My uni) is. Every Brunei students there I presume knows where their universities are when they started out. I somehow did not know of mine. Of course the universities will give you a manual through the post to inform you where it will be. Yet somehow I did not read it. My attitude was that of Timmy Turner’s in one of the Fairly Odd Parents movies “Channel Chasers”, Who when disaster struck because of a magical remote control, he simply replied “Who reads the remote control manual?!”. The other thing is that I do not have any internet to show me through. What a disaster it has been on me.

Secondly I do not know how to get there. The receptionist lady simply pointed out that I should take a bus and go to London’s Liverpool street station. I did just that. Paid £2.20 for the bus ticket. I was eager now. It is really a nice feeling to go inside the Double Decker bus. There I went through the city of London. I felt my environmental perception changing. The architecture, the people, the romance in the air caught on me. Now this is what I call London. Before this the journey from the airport to Brunei Hall was an outcry but now after circling inside the city I can safely say that this is the capital city of the west. It is cold too.

When the bus finally stopped, I found myself in the wrong station. Damn. I took another bus again and stopped in another wrong station. Another £2.20 flew off. So felling exasperated, I choose the train. It was an underground train. I feel like I am in the Final Destination 3 Movie where by the end of the scenes their inside the train tunnel. It was Dark, Gloomy and Damp.

So I took the train to head towards Liverpool street. It was a total failure. I asked the train ticket officer in that stop of where Liverpool Street is. All I heard was expressions unbeknownst to me. “Turn left, take the corner then stop and go to number 234, or you can go to bus at bla bla bla…”. I was becoming more confused. Then I took another train. i stopped think and then continued my directionless journey.

I took the bus again and again and again. Money going out, going out, going out. It breaks my heart that my pounds washing away. “Siau” was my expression. Only God knows where I was. Here it was a Bruneian lost in a complex landscape from which he has never journeyed before. But somehow I kept my head forward. I will stand like a mountain if I have to.

The next bus stop was somewhere in a nice looking town. I looked around and think hopefully I am getting closer. I looked on to the address plate and my jaws dropped. I was in Fulham!!!! Well in Fulham Road specifically.

How in the world did I end up there it still is a total mystery to me(From point A to Point B)

By the time I know it, I was getting distant from my actual destination.

Thirdly, I had had it. Then and there I brought back myself into perspective. Turn my mind into hard drive entrepreneurial mode to attain the journey where I was going. Its do or die. Everything turned from the moment I made a decision that Liverpool street was the way to go. I went to series of buses to go back there. What at first was totally confusing to me, the bus numbers, address, name, journey etc was now becoming crystal clear. I began to comprehend everything and ahead went. Took total control of myself midst becoming tired and hungry. As the saying goes the hungrier a person becomes the sharper the mind will get.

Then finally I was on the way going to the Liverpool station. Somehow, I saw a demonstration or gathering in front of what I think is a church as the bus journey along. They have this huge green banner that read “Capitalism is Crisis”. Upon reading it, my gut jammed. This is loads of crap that aims to destroy the wealth builders. I mean why would anyone want to hang the Capitalists, who in fact are the ones responsible for creating the jobs and money across the country. I believe they should all go home, retire, wake up next morning and get their pay to do a honest days work.

Moving along, I was now in Liverpool Street Station. This is the place. It looks nice. Then after being through all the all the bunch of blunders I came across, I brought a pint of milk in Marks and Spenser as a reward. Asked the officials there on how to get to Essex University and luckily they know where it is. Took a train to Southend onwards to Victoria. Landed safely and another journey closes for this episode to make a new one up in the future.

 Next episode of My Journey Part 4: Organizing the Unorganized Life.