As I sat in the airplane contemplating of the things I left behind, I set forth anew as I look forward for UK. Personally I do not know what to expect. In the airplane journey it was boring and tiresome. It took about 14-16 hours to go to UK.

Dubai, our transit is the land of the miracle boom. I have looked upon Dubai since God knows when. But when the airplane was on transit, my hope of seeing the tall buildings went sour. It was dark. I can not see it. Damn.

But I got a chance to be in the Dubai Airport for at least 30 minutes during the transit. At this 30 minutes I got a chance to see the different types of people from across the world working inside the terminal. You got Chinese, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Australian and many more. How I wish that Brunei’s airport were like this. The things I brought are a single key chain and the Sheikh Head piece. It was awesome.

Ya Habibi! I brought a Dubai head piece

So I got back on board and went to UK. When I land down, I realize that few of the passengers were Bruneian. I met them and they say that they were students to. Great.

Then we came across our transporter, Cikgu Kahlid, he is the big boss of Brunei Hall. He instructed us to follow him and we did, went towards his car, along the way out of the terminal into the parking lot the breeze was fresh and cold. Like the wind in Serasa Beach only like a freezer. So we went into his car and zoomed to Brunei Hall.

The building designs were ugly. That was my first thought when we passed the UK buildings. The place looks run down and the design consistency was just so sad. There were tall modern buildings next to run down apartments, I prefer KL Malaysia. This is not the UK I expected. First thought were “Who master planned the whole thing? So ugly!”

The more we drive into the heart of London,  the more I feel like I am in the Mr. Bean Series. Great goodness it was like in a Mr. Bean series! The buildings, the people, the cars and the atmosphere just fits in the comedy show. Still it was so cold. I felt excited.

Then after 45 minutes or so, we stopped in front of a building. Felt anxious, went out and then Cikgu Khalid announced that we were in Brunei Hall. The other students and I then went inside. Greeted by the Warden, Pg Md Wahab. The place is warm and cozy. I looked around there were other Bruneians too. Cool. Then we were instructed to put our heavy luggage and bags in the dining hall.

Pic from Redha malik

Went up into the 1st floor and met with the Brunei Hall Welfare Officer. Her name is Cikgu Kamaliah. We were sitting there and received consultations and the “How to Survive in UK” tips.

Her tips were(Some were funny XD)
1) Bali Baju Tabal – Kalau winter inda terasa kaki tu
2) Kalau ada problem pergi ketempat kami example orang putus cinta
3) Guna “saya” instead of “Aku”. Apparently the word “Aku” is a selfish word…word….
4) Duit mesti cukup
5) Bali Panadol untuk settle dengan Migrane.
6) Jangan makan di restaurant selalu, buang duit, belajar memasak. Ada student saya napak hari atu makan di restaurant macam hari hari.
7) Jangan ikut activist atau gathering.


She has humor in the way she explain things. Until this day I am still laughing at her jokes. But the jokes went sour afterwards when I started to go to Essex University. Her advise were true enough. I suffered a bit. But that will be further explained in more details in the next series.

Afterwards, we were then ushered into Cikgu Khalid’s office. He is a strict guy. Really straight forward. He then proceed to set the rules of the paperwork standard. Students have to report to Brunei Hall for the 2nd year of study. Have to write a letter in order to re-sit an exam in the university if failed and so on.

Then I had to go and settle paper works, go up and down the building and just wandering how big Brunei Hall really is. Click here for more information about Brunei Hall: Brunei Hall Review

Then it was food time. Goodness the food was AMAZING! The prices were subsidized. There are three meals prepared in a day. Catering style. There was Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Students only have to pay like £2.10 or BND$4 per meal for Lunch and Dinner. So its good. Food so amazing.

Then I decided to take a nap. Rented a room in Brunei Hall. Price around £2.50-4.00/day. Bathroom and laundry is no problem as there are easily available. The room that was given to me was quite bad. I had to share it with other students. Not that I do not like the other students. I prefer resting alone in a room, peace and quiet. Then my gut says that I better move out. I did. Applied for another room and my request was rejected. So I was like what the hell, so I roam around the place and found the “Melur” room. I checked inside, there was no one there. I picked that room, locked it for myself and I can  finally sleep and think peacefully.

So this is UK yeah, not bad….so far

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