Concentration is one of the things which I am trying to improve. Only to find out later on that by deactivating facebook did I manage to put myself back on track. This after a post made by a local blogger stating that in order to make money, it is simple, all you got to do is click on the accounts settings and deactivate your facebook.

I acknowledge that I use facebook almost everyday but somehow through wisdom passing of times I am starting to somewhat fell that there is something very evil in it. Some psychological and mind controlling “magic-spells” has been put so as to stick my self and the millions of people in front of the web.

Patiently and eagerly waiting to get the “red signal” or the notifications.

I think I am not the only one but I know it when I feel it. The notification bar really gets into me a lot and as a result I can’t do much of my work. I don’t know what made Facebook so addictive, I can not give a logical nor any scientific explanation but as said I know it when I feel it.

Heck I even missed a lot of my study because of this. I prioritize Facebook over some of my studies! I am trying to change here so this is part of a reflection on what I feel about facebook. Does that happen to you to?

Point is Facebook is evil and demented for the students work productivity as well as adults. As a 9GAG post once stated “One does not simply do homework in front of the internet”. So let me borrow that statement and make it mine stating “One does not simply do homework in front of Facebook.”

P.s if you facebook guys want to sue me for this better read twice because this is my personal opinion, not a full assault attack Mark Zuckerberg’s creation. Besides I am still using facebook. At least for now.

Abdul Malik Omar
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