A Taiwan man passed away after 23 hours’ of straight online game on Tuesday in New Taipei.

The man was only 23 years old, and he paid a computer for continuous 23 hours of online game(World of Warcraft?).

He fell on the table to sleep for several times, but woke up again to continue playing the game. The female clerk found he was died when she asked him for continuous playing.

When the police arrived, the man whose name was Chen Rongyou has been stiff, while his appearance liked still playing game.

Whats sad is that there were more than 30 other hardcore players focusing in their games in the store when he was found out passed away.

Only after when the polce arrived that they found out. Look at the pictures above and see how focused they are in playing their World of Warcraft while the victims lay there frozen.

He was then taken to the hospital. His parents were informed afterwards.

Hanif Jh
Chief Information Officer
The AMO Times
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