The Rising Bruneian Stars have released their highly anticipated song “Mind Game”. Thus so far its hitting the Singapore and Malaysia Netizens scenes! Released officially on the 31st of January 2012, its was created out of popular demand from Malaysians, Bruneians and even some Singaporeans alike.

Just recently the music “Mind Game” hit the #1 spot in Malaysia’s CATS FM. The music was made by Bruneian Artist Jazz Hassan featuring Udi and Erhyme under UDI Records. The music video production was made by Nostrils Productions and those involved in the video was from NBQ Crew.

The Music Video was set in the urban outskirts of the Bruneian city streets, commercial center parking lots and on top of the P.G.G.M.B HQ, one on tallest buildings in the country. People were anticipating the Video after awhile now and when it was out it was received with huge public interest among Bruneians, Malaysians and some Singaporeans Netizens.

“Mind Game” Music Video in MTV Asia perhaps?

Its possible as Bruneian Artist ZulF once did just that. So who knows? With a high quality video and great music it might just be the next big thing all set to rock the nation and beyond. In Brunei, Singapore and in Malaysia. Its really a song to be reckoned with as the music itself is continually penetrating the foreign music market scene. As to repeat it got the #1 spot in Malaysia’s CATS FM. Truth be told its only a matter of time that Brunei deserve a more fair share to be in the MTV Asia Music Video Spot Channel.

The only way that the music video is going to make it into MTV Asia is to make it go VIRAL. So share their music video. In pelangi, brunei fm, ubd fm and many more as this is going to be huge!

The music will be available in Itunes soon. So tune in and don’t forget to subscribe to the music video makers channel: Nostrils Production and click like for their fanpage here to support music as a whole: UDI, Jazz Hassan and Erhyme.

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