2011 was the most memorable year for the 12 of us as the members of the Students Representative Council for 2010-2011 sessions.  As the president of the Student Representative Council , UBD Students’ Association or (PMUBD), we have successfully made several improvements to ensure that the welfare and the interest of the UBD students are will kept and protected. We cannot do all this things without the support of all the students of UBD.

The 4th Annual General meeting was one of the evidence that UBD student show there full  support to the Council.  PMUBD Shoppe renovation that had been approved during the meeting, Insya Allah will be finished by the end of  February 2012. Other promises that had been made during the meeting will surely be kept and be continued by the new MPP 2011-2012.

PMUBD now are well recognized by other universities Students Council inside and outside the country. We used the opportunities given to us as the leading role in the association to promote PMUBD and its clubs activities to other institution. We have been and will always support all the clubs under PMUBD  and surely we will support the newly elected MPP 2011-2012 to lead the Association toward its goal as the leading Students Association in Brunei.

PMUBD is an Association ‘Run By Students, For UBD Students’ that had reached the age of 25 years old since its establishment in 1986.  And now it time for us the smallest group of MPP step down to give way to the new council. It has been a very wonderful year for us as an MPP, working with students and other societies, and in the end it fill so good to see that our PMUBD have grown into a bigger and better Association.

And I would like to take this opportunity on behave of all the students Representative Council member 2010-2011, to say Thank you to all students of UBD for your support !!! YOU ALL ARE THE BEST , and we would also like to apologise on any wrong doing that had been done directly or indirectly during our term. And for the new council 2011-2012, Good luck and made us proud !!!



(Photos courtesy from Abu Huarairah UBD Photography Club)