Brunei Darussalam’s creative industry is on the rise and we from The AMO Times will confirmed that. With the growing local creative community, artists, Youtubers and many more as time marches on, it is no wonder that its a growing trend right now.

So here we have come across The Everyday Summer as part of our work to put Bruneians up to the global arena. It is a band that consists of 3 teenagers fresh out of PTEM(Pusat Tingkatan Enam Meragang) college namely Marzuqi, Azam and Khairil. Their ages are between 19 and 18 years old.

The band was official formed early October 2011 after their early success a month beforehand in throwing out a high school performance concert. Since they were heavily unequipped in terms of their musical materials they would have to reside to play an acoustic version. From here the group then launched ahead.

In an interview with The AMO Times Azam B. Kennedy told us that:

“We wanted create something new to the music industry other than just an ordinary music. Folk and Pop punk are what we set our band genre.”

“What makes us make music? Since we’re trying to create different music that never been heard in this country. So, we make folk music with a use of music instruments such as harmonica, egg shaker and ukulele. We make it sound like Native American style music because that is what folk music sound is.”

They told The AMO Times that they were inspired by the likes of the Dallas Green from “City And Colour”, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Blink 182, Tracy Chapman and John Mayer.

“What is the meaning of “Everyday Summer” they continued. “It came from our thought of this country’s weather, we only have like one season and it feels like summer to us. Thus the “Everyday Summer” was formed” 

Just recently they have released their 1st single debut entitled “The Star Above Us” on the nation’s radio station Pelangi FM on 10th January 2012. It is available on request so don’t forget to tune in to Pelangi FM and keep asking for their music.

Here is the song that put them to the brief limelight starring The Everyday Summers for “The Star Above Us”.

Do not forget to “like” their facebook fan page here at The Everyday Summers.

Don’t miss out on our interview with one of the PTEM PRS Students Fadli to know more about the school that gave rise to The Everyday Summers.

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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