In 14th Jan – 21st Jan, PTEK held an orientation for all freshers to attend. It took place in PTEK Campus’s Lecture Theaters and Galleries. The aim of the orientation was to give a preview for future-ptek-students on how ptek looks like,the life in ptek campus,tour around the facilities and to introduce the courses offered so when they actually get accepted as PTEK students,they will have better idea in choosing their subjects rather than changing their minds in later future.

There were numerous educational workshops and activities held in the event. Subject Familiarization, Reading Theory, Study Skill Program, Presentation skills and Math workshops are some of the activities held in the event. Presentations were given both from some of the students of Lower and Upper 6th students to the new batch students.

Fatin Ayuni Hazwani Haji Sufri from SM Sayyidinna Hasan said that “I learn a lot of information and we had lots of fun”. Meanwhile Abd. Qawi Ariq Hj. Abd. Hussain from SOASC remarked that “The orientation was great with lots of great friends.The orientation also made me a little confident.The school building is also great but need some roof on the canteen.”

Reported by Fatin Ghazali who’s doing Journalism in PTEK and edited by Abdul Malik Omar.

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