Bruneian artists Jazz Hassan, Udi and Erhyme music “Mind Game” emerged the #1 spot in the Cats FM Malaysian this week! This is a milestone for Brunei Entertainment Music Industry.

UDI commented “We should celebrate on a building roof top!! Fireworks!”.

Its a leap forward since his last comment in a previous interview about their initial success saying that “This may be a breakthrough for a Bruneian Track to peak at number one in Malaysia.”. It was then at number 8.

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UDI and Jazz Hassan are rising local music artists in Brunei Darussalam widely known for their single debut “Comeback” and “Mind Game” respectively.

Here is the song entitled “Mind Game” by Jazz Hassan, Erhyme and UDI,

Also tune in for the upcoming “Mind Game” Music Video. Teaser exclusive below.

Click here for More information for their upcoming music video which will be out in a matter of weeks!

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Abdul Malik Omar
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