As everyone’s wrapped up to set anew this year,  Bruneian youths begin to dwell about the past.

2010/2011 batch PTEM students for example look back at their college lives and cherish what they have experienced as they watch the tribute video above.

Made by Azam Kennedy, it has a nostalgic setting that includes the laughter, smiles and joy of some of the PTEM students.

It puts in the reminiscence on the emotions of PTEM Students who watch it.

The video will soon be a memorable one, treasured by the students of PTEM. Not only those who are involved but for the whole PTEM students. Seniors and Juniors alike.

It is not the first time students make these kinds of videos for their school. Check out Maktab Sains Flash Mob Dance.

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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