It has always been a part of most of our lives. The Doraemon song. Every time you hear it the memories just blast forth from the past of how you were gladly entertained by the well-loved cartoon. It will never get old. Having said that here is a musical performance of the song that has been that important part of our childhood.

I remember buying the Doraemon comic books in the Indiana retail shops. Somehow the bliss was endless. There were more to come. What I normally get for $5.00 goes back into buying his comic. Yet somehow the episode ended.

I didn’t know what happened. Mind you that this is the moment when there was little internet(at least for me) use where I can just look info up to. But as I finally realized, Fujiko F. Fujio was no more. As I am writing here now and researching about his life, my heart aches with agony and remorse of the passing of a great person.

So with that let this be a contribution from The AMO Times to a great person who has added an impact to our lives. Fujiko F. Fujio, you will always and has been a special person to the lives of your comic readers.

He peaceful passed away at age 62 of hepatic failure on September 23 1996.

From there he left us one his greatest legacies of all time : Doraemon.

Doraemon will entertain us all as it has always have been. For our fathers, ourselves, our sons and his other sons generations for the time to come.

Abdul Malik Omar
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