Its time for us to Think BIG.

Lets promote aggressiveness. I will tell you why. This is in the moment in history where everything is changing rapidly. Asia has grown so fast. We see the rise of China and India as one of the top global superpower. In less than 3 decades UAE transformed itself form a desert forgotten nation into one of the greatest economy in the world. Close at home we see Malaysians and Singaporeans making it into the global stages too.The other nations are moving forward.

While in Brunei Darussalam we are still lagging behind. There is still a lot to be done. The GDP in 2010 is $11.96 Billion for Brunei whereas the in UAE is $230.25 Billion. In America however is $14.65 Trillion!! In ASEAN we are in the 8th spot among the other 10 members and according to the IMF estimates we will fall behind another spot in the year 2016. Statistics aside what this means is that we are becoming poorer by the day. We are slow. This is reality.

Brunei is highly dependent on the Oil and Gas Industry. More than 70%-80% of the government revenue comes from the resource and luckily for us we have Japan , our biggest client. Other industries are rising up yet in the commercial sector its hard to find any rosier picture. We all know that the biggest businesses are owned by the Royal Families and the Chinese. I am merely stating facts here and it is good to know that they are investing back their financial resource into the economy. Yet for most we are a consumer society where the special breed of individuals are very rare to find. The Capitalists.

The Capitalists. The John D. Rockefellars, the Morgans, the J Paul Getty of Brunei are lacking. But they are in fact in all of us. We all have the extraordinary ability to create great infrastructures, economies, companies and technologies. We have Sultan Bolkiah the 5th‘s blood in our veins still running through inside each and every one of us. He is one of many Brunei’s Capitalist Leaders who were able to ascend Brunei into its Golden Age. Capitalists are the key for Brunei Darussalam development. As Capitalists we need to move at a super charged speed. Speed requires aggressiveness and the ability to Think Big. We see how Mohammad Ali Alabbar from Dubai transformed their tiny nation into a world class state. If they can do it why can’t we? If Sultan Bolkiah the 5th could do it why can’t we?

The Moment has come. Its time for us to think big and create the miracles which Brunei Darussalam has been waiting for. The birth of a greater nation begins now. We are ready. These are serious times that require frank talk and real action. All of us know that to be true. So let us speak clearly and honestly and openly. Across the world, we face real challenges.

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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