Brunei Music Lovers better watch out because the Official Music Video of the top notch song “Mind Game” is coming soon to town. The song that features rising stars namely Jazz HassanUdi and Erhyme will combine forces with independent local film producer Nostrils Production to create the hugely anticipated Music Video.

The song “Mind Game” was so popular that it went to the 2nd spot in Brunei Fm charts dated at 17th January 2012. It also went as far as to pierce its way through the Top Ten Capital FM Sarawak charts. The song was produced under UDI records. The music video was done due to popular demand by the locals and foreigners alike.

With shooting as far as to the top of the P.G.G.M.B roof, getting in local volunteers to join in and the ever beat music it will be one that will guarantee to make it huge in the music market. The Music Video was directed, edited and developed by Nostrils Production.

The music video is scheduled to be released in a few more weeks so before that enjoy the “Mind Game” music starring Jazz Hassan ft. Udi and Erhyme that is making it big in the music industry.

Subscribe to UDI Records, Jazz Hassan and Nostrils Production youtube channel here. UDI records is also releasing a new single soon entitled “Tak Mahu Abang Romeo” starring Neff Aslee featuring Udi luqman. So watch out music lovers!

Abdul Malik Omar
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