Maktab Sains Flash Mob hits Viral

Maktab Sains Seniors made a huge surprise recently when they performed the ultimate flash mob dance in their school. Videos above.

The performance went viral across the internet within a few days. Students were sharing it all over to their friends and families and soon enough the videos will be a memorable part of their lives in Maktab Sains.

Students who performed the flash mob dance are from Pra-U 2 of 2011.

Nammy Lim, the MP for MS said in an interview with The AMO Times that “they’ve been practicing for months but hadn’t got the chance to perform, so they set a date and came back to school last week to give everyone a surprise”

The PRAU Upper 6(2012) Maktab Sains student continued to say that is it solely for entertainment purposes.

As mentioned the video will be a memorable part of their Pra-U 2 students(2011) as they set forth to continue their studies this year elsewhere.

O’level and A-level results will be coming out soon and The AMO Times would like to wish you all the best success as ever.

To know more about some of the youths activities from other schools you can find out more from The AMO Times. An example would be ShowBIZZ Originals. Enjoy and thank you for reading.


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