The is a rising level of unemployment in Brunei Darussalam especially in this age where teachers are considered a “dying breed” and ministerial government workers as “clogs in the wheel”. How come people who are not so productive as the person in the next got a job? How come a person who has only O-levels managed to get high governmental positions whereas the person who has a degree still scratches his way for work? As a result unemployment rises.

In the following I am merely stating what I see in the future and what will happen. This is entirely my thoughts on where the next employment sectors will go ahead and where any aspiring careers oriented person should consider. This entirely my opinion.

Number 1 is the Creative Industry. Where the generation of knowledge and information is widely created in order to provide the entertainment value for the mass. This applies to those who are intrigued by the wide aspects of the world. The person who naturally enjoys creating art, music and videos for the sake of sharing their thoughts and stories to the people around them. These people will one day be a full force that should be reckoned across the nation. Sectors should be concerned about is in the Movie Making, Animation, Music and Media. Hey if PTEK Students barely 18 years old can make a video like the one above then there is no reason to think that it is impossible to prosper in the creative industry.

SPARK Sungai Liang Industrial Park

The 2nd is in the SPARK Sungai Liang Industrial Park. Although you probably have to reside in Beliat due to its location there but you can almost definitely get an engineering or a C-level executive job or something there. BEDB will create over 6000 permanent jobs there. The industry hub helps the nation to be more globally competitive.

Finally the PMB in the Muara Port. You can get a job as a navy, sailor, trade docks operator and many more concerning about port management. Its ambition is be developed into as a leading port in Borneo and the BIMP-EAGA region. The PMB project will transform the Muara Area and bring many new business and employment opportunities to the people of Muara and Brunei Darussalam.

So above are part of the job sectors that should be considered in the ever growing scarcity of employment in the future. Foresee the opportunities as they happen so you can exploit it.

Abdul Malik Omar
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