The video you are about to see is made by Brunei’s very own Video Production Group : The Show Biz Originals

Yes ladies and gents, its made by Bruneians.

And they are students from PTEK!

The Students involved here are Mateen Hhm, Amii Ariffin, Freezle Fmd, Dean RK and Haziq Sheh

With a Battlefield theme it is packed with Action, Explosions and Guns.

Will they pave the wave to elevate the national entertainment industry?

It’s splash a bucketful of water to the Directors face who makes the dull Dramas in RTB as far as I see it.

Anyways, do not forget to stay tuned and subscribe to their You Tube Channel  The Show Biz Originals

Brunei Darussalam’s Media Industry is HERE!

So watch out Movie Lovers!