One of the most powerful man in Russian will give a rare and insightful lecture to Bruneians this 29th January 2012. His Excellency Mr Sergey Lavrov; Minister of Foreign affairs of The Russian Federation will arrive in Brunei to discuss diplomatic relations between Brunei and Russia with His Majesty before giving a speech in UBD.

Just recently he became a spokesman who warns the West against attacking and putting sanctions on Iran. He is a globalist leader who will share his knowledge to the ambitious Bruneian public in one of the rare events in Brunei Darussalm. Its a great opportunity for those who wants to learn and perhaps challenge the Russian leader. Its the way forward. Vision 2035. Lets learn from him.

The venue will be held at the Lecture Theater, The Core, Universiti Brunei Darussalam at 2pm. The topic will be Russia’s Foreign Policy.

If I were in Brunei Darusslam I will not hesitate to go to learn from his knowledge and experise in managing world affairs. If you want to be a leader you have to learn from one. So this is your opportunity to learn from  Russian Minister who exerts huge influence on the 141,750,000 citizens of Russia.

Why should you go? Why not? Vision 2035 is waiting lets take this opportunity to learn form him!

Eminent Speakers Series by His Excellency My Sergey Lavrov (Minister of Foreign affairs of The Russian Federation)

Date : 29 January 2012

Venue: Lecture Theater, The Core, Universiti Brunei Darussalam

Time : 2 pm

Description: Title: Russia’s Foreign Policy

More information at UBD Website

Abdul Malik Omar
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