In approximately two hours, on January 2, an undisclosed person or persons racked up a $108,357.80 bill at Cavalli’s Club in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Receipt Big Spenders Drop $108,357.80 in 2 Hours at Dubai Club picture

The receipt for the bill was posted on Twitter, revealing a wide variety of items. On the low end, a cake for $33; on the high end, a six-liter bottle of Cristal for $34,033.00.

Toss in a bunch of vodka, Red Bulls, and other types of liquor that most likely ended up in someone’s toilet and you have all the ingredients for one raging party.

A 10% gratuity was added automatically, meaning all the time I spent in grad school is essentially worthless in the eyes of a server at a Dubai nightclub.

As for how many people were in the party, only those present know.

Despite an “economic downturn,” operations manager David Lescarret said that these types of spenders are frequent in the club, and he expects the trend to continue.