Scotland – A mother found out that her daughter got a leap forward in learning just by using apps from portable devices such as the Ipad, Steve Jobs Creation.

Her 6 years old daughter, Veronica was severely affected by Autism which impaired her ability to communicate well with the people around her. She was 3 years old when she sadly lost her ability to speak.

But as like any other children like herself, apps have the key to help move forward in offsetting the disease. Now she can play, interact and even laugh at the apps. It could be the key to replace how she could interact in social situation as opposed to the sign language if she does not regain how she will speak again.

As a result Ipad became a must have item to help the autism based children to be a tool to communicate and learn in the UK. Since the people who suffer autism have a different levels of intelligence such that they are more visual than the rest, the Ipad is the perfect to do just that

Screenshot from the FindMe app (copyright Yuan Kai 2011)
Find Me

Veronica was given an app to play. In the game the more correct answers she gets, the more she will be rewarded. And how spectacular experience it turned out to be for her. Not only was she able to learn more but she was motivated to play again. There is a dose of fun there.

However due to the different needs of the patients, one should not expect miracles from the technology as the sure-fire way to cure or soften the effects of autism. It will not be perfect.

Steve Jobs have given a ray of hope to autism based children. The Ipad. The invention that is constantly changing how to world works. Now through the technology it is becoming so crucial to enable young children who are suffering form Autism to rehearse simple social skills over and over again. While having fun at that.

Did you know that the Brunei SMARTER Autism institution are going to hold a special musical in Brunei 
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Abdul Malik Omar
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