PARIS — In an attempt to forge healthy relations with other nations, China has yet again dispatched their secret fuzzy weapon: Pandas. Male Yuan Zi and female Huan Huan, the 2 lovely pandas have arrived in France yesterday to begin their new life today in the chateaux of central France. They will reside in France’s Zoo Parc de Beauval, in Loire Valley for 10 years. Their arrival was received by a wide appeal of support.

If you see closely you can find white tiger cubs

China has long used pandas as a diplomatic tactic to forge healthy relations between nations. Just last month  2 pandas were sent to Scotland’s Edinburgh Zoo. The Reaction was spectacular. China has always been active in this tactic, they even managed to strengthen the relations between their Arch enemy Taiwan by this tactic. But politics aside, the audiences will surely enjoy them.

To know more about how the pandas are used by China to forge relations click here.

Abdul Malik Omar
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