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It was last night that I watched the Keiser report and was awed how I finally understand why and how the media is trying to put Ron Paul down. Again.

Michael Krieger, the founder of Zerohedge said it very clearly enough in the show. Thank god that he explained it to us. Watch from 24:00.

From here we learn how the media is framing the American people that Ron Paul simply is “unelectable”. It is some sort of messing the mind up into a whole collective conscious kind of thing. No wonder why he did not win in the past. And this is what they are trying to do again. Share this message to the American society and let us all share the truth.

Ron Paul 2012!

Here is an extra below:

“Exposed media censorship and bias against Ron Paul. The mainstream media claims to be “fair and balanced”, while all along destroying and discrediting one of, if not the only, real candidate we had in the 2008 election. These clips prove that not only are they not “fair and balanced”, they try to manipulate you and what you believe, and ultimately who wins an election.”

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Abdul Malik Omar
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