One of the hardest part of the scholarship process is to get the offer letter from universities. The sooner you get it the better it will be. Especially when results will be coming out soon. When every university is going to be very busy and can easily turn a blind eye on you.

So to get an offer letter there are many ways. One of the easiest and most unconventional methods on how to get it without focusing too much in UCAS is the ones below.

First of all my personal statement suck, I was 100 points short of the course qualification and it was last minute(I was on the 2nd batch).

Yet I made it through. I can do it you can do it too.

Why focus all your hopes in UCAS(The middle man) when you can go straight to discuss with the university(Main goal) itself? With internet it is easy peasy.

So how do one manage to get an offer letter, the easy way?

1) Find the university website and contact their email.
2) Ask for an offer letter.
3) When asking for it appeal to their needs and wants. (The Blue Font)
4) Below is an example of how I wrote the email.
*Mind you that I got an unconditional offer from one of them earlier on in a Brunei UK Fair. But the point is clear. Appeal to their needs and wants. Tribute to James Hoon!

To: Dan Entwistle
Senior International Officer
Wiivenhoe Park Colchester

From: Abdul Malik Omar
The Entrepreneurial Eagles
Brunei Darussalam 29th August 2011

RE: Official Offer Letter through UCAS

Hello Dan, Malik here from Brunei Darussalam. You given me an unconditional offer letter dated 24th August 2011, a day before you left our country. The course is Bsc International Enterprise and Business Development(NN21).

I did what the instruction letter told me to do so, to add in the information in the UCAS Track’s Clearing choice and so on. 

But then until now I have not receive the Official Offer Letter.. I got a reply from the university but I don’t see it. My UCAS ID is 107-873-2466.

Dan, the course you suggested requires 360 points whereas I only got 260 points. Below are few reasons why your university should consider me amidst the lack of points.

First, I am the CEO of The Entrepreneurial Eagles, a nation wide entrepreneurial youth club having 70 members across the country. Most of them are youths who will be taking their A-levels.

Secondly, the Club has strong ties with the Nation’s Youth Center(over 5000 youth members) and the Nation’s Media paper(i.e Brunei Times and Borneo Bulletin; news that over 100,000 people here read).

Thirdly, The Entrepreneurial Eagles Club is recognized by powerful people here in this counrty; decision makers of this nation and they monitor what we do, I.e His royal Highness Prince Azim and Vincent Cheong; CEO of Brunei Economic Development Board.

From all the above I can help your university Big Time in spreading the word of  amongst the people here and effectively increase the enrollment rate and reputation of your University.

Dan, I can save you Time, Energy and Money. I have the influence. Consider to the main administrator about me for the official offer letter through UCAS and I am sure in the long run having me in your university will be a great asset for you in recruiting a lot of students here.

I look forward for your favourable reply Dan, and also recieving the Official Offer letter from the university of Essex through UCAS clearing before 5th of September 2011 as the government scholarship admission will be closing soon.

In this case if your university picks me, You will hit a lot of birds with one stone. Thank You 🙂

Abdul Malik Omar
The Entrepreneurial Eagles

4) Wait for their reply and most likely you will get it.

Its more like selling yourself to them. Offer them what you can give in return for the offer letter. This will set you apart. Besides what is the use of the Brunei UK Education fair in the first place if not to recruit students?

And do you think they really care much more about your education than money? Dude/Dudets all they want more than anything else is the governments money(Scholarship)! Seriously, each student is gold to them. You are money to their eyes. Here is the ugly truth.

But, coming to think of the education you will get in return, it is worth it right or is it?

So if you have any friends struggling to get an offer letter please help them by sharing this article to them before it is too late.