BACK by popular demand SMARTER Brunei is set to host their 2nd grand musical hit show “Oddy’s Quest II: A Journey In Search of a Home”  this 21st January 2012. Played out by the students themselves, it is surely going to create the best entertainment spectacle in a very long long time.

The synopsis : Its a story of a curious boy by the name Oddy who is eager to break free from the plain lifestyles and to explore new adventures. From here he is transported into a magical world far from anything he has ever imagined before. Some place where he can really enjoy and connect with everyone. From here he met with magical creatures who would help him along the way in his journey before he begins to yearn to go back Home.

Behind  the story however reveals a sympathetic message. A message to ask support in terms of financial aid for the SMARTER and the autism students to continue to operate the joint. For ten years straight, and a persistent increase in growth of student members by the day, it is no wonder they need your support.

Come and see Oddy’s Quest II: A Journey In Search of a Home. 

The revenue of the tickets sales will go back towards building up the remarkable institution. Let us Bruneians support the beautiful students who is in need of our help. The students are working very hard into making the entertainment show happen. In return let us all help them by buying the tickets or at least share this message to your friends and families out there.

Besides, think of this, what would happen to the autism students now if it were not for SMARTER?

So come, see and support Oddy’s Quest II: A Journey In Search of a Home. Its for charity after all.

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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