Richard O'Dwyer (Pic: Reuters)
Richard O'Dwyer (Pic: Getty Images)

Richard O’Dwyer, 23, a Sheffield Hallam University undergraduate could possibly be shipped, thrown and canned into US jail for 5 years if found guilty because of a “copyright” violations. It is sad considering that he is just a kid who basically just uploaded something up into his website and bang! before he knows it is walking up and down the magistrates court in Westminster having the battle of his life.

The student lawyer somehow argued that the website the kid created did not store copyright material itself and merely directed users to other sites, making it similar to Google. He further his case saying it would be the first British citizen to be extradited for such an offence, was being used as a “guinea pig” for copyright law in the US. The argument fell off deaf ears.

The students mom described the move as “beyond belief” and that the threat to her son by the United States were “rotten”. Of course it is, he is just a student playing around updating his website and uploading something from the internet and then suddenly he is under the jail threat of American corporations.

In 2010, after the authorities learned that he is making “over $230,000 in advertising revenue”(I don’t know how and crap that is huge money) the internet police tracked him down to his home. His home was then raided like a blending machine. His equipment all scrapped and confiscated.

This is just a glimpse of what a “SOPA” act might do to you kids out there(including me) and its super scary. To know more about SOPA click here and to know how to stop it at HERE.

One moment your updating your website, like getting information from the internet, and that very moment might just be the last moment you will ever see clear daylight in a very long long time. As what this Sheffiled student has experienced.

Scary? Silly? Plain dumb? You draw the line?

Abdul Malik Omar
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