A man in Saudi Arabia was trying to sell his son for U.S. $ 20 million. Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry allegedly did that after the Saudi Arabian government forced him to shut his illegal business.

He was allegedly advertised on Facebook in order to sell her son. “Who wants to give U.S. $ 20 million for my son?” he asked on that friendship site.

So he tried to offering up his own flesh and blood online, saying later that he wanted to avoid “living in poverty”, after the government closed his debt collection business.

Furthermore because he is older than 35, the age limit for receiving benefit, welfare officials refused his request for aid.

Al Shahry said he is willing go to court to complete the sale of his son, his only requirement is only to know where the buyers live.

Saudi Arabia has been repeatedly blacklisted by the United States as a prodigious human trafficker. The report claims the country is a hub for children smuggled or sold across the Middle East who are then forced into begging, unskilled labor, street vending or even recruited as soldiers by rebels.

Child trafficking is illegal in Saudi Arabia and the post content also violates Facebook’s terms and rules.