Its only awhile ago when I scanned through one of the local papers and it says about a case study in road accidents. Then it preceded to explain how a 19 years old girl died. My heart skipped a beat. One thought that came up to my mind was that of my friend. Feeling disturbed, I quickly glanced the whole paper and fortunate enough it was not her. The incident happened last year. Thank you God.

If she was my friend I would have been devastated. The victim family sure does. The road accidents in Brunei is mounting by the day. But forget about the statistics its human lives that is in danger. Someone who we potentially would know. How many people have died in a road accidents and how many lives have been shattered? Just recently the Tuaran Bus Sabah accident has claimed many innocent lives.

Its just unbelievable. Its sad. But it is avoidable!

There are some things which we can all do to make the road a more safer place. Such as not texting or not being drunk while driving. Such as opening your lights, not speeding up during rainy days and being responsible. Yet some are still ignorant of these messages. Its horrible and its clearly stupid.

They put your families, your brothers, your sisters, your girlfriends and friends in danger.

Are you one of these stupid people? If no then listen up and do what is necessary.

1) Do not text while driving. If you think you can get away with this, if you think its “Alright, its just a moment” kind of thing then you are set course to kill people and yourself. You simply can not do this. It can make you go out of control sooner or later. If you want to message then just pull down on the other side of the road. Easy. No lives in danger and no one to be killed.

2) Do not drink. Contrary to popular belief there are some locals who do drink. Majority of the drinker are the foreigners and non-muslims. Just walk by the city and you most probably find Tiger Beer cans. As you drink you’ll lose control. Drive and you will most certainly injure people. It was only less than a year ago when I personally saw 2 cars crashed out near the Borders. When I inquire about it they replied “Imam, said they were drunk”. It left 3 Malay women injured in the other car and 3 drunken locals sentenced in the other. It was horrific. And to the foreigners and non-Muslims DO NOT DRINK when your driving. Just because you can drink does not mean you have the right to kill people.

3) Open you Lights during dark times:- I almost got into an accident when one of the car on the opposite road came head on to my direction! Luckily I manage to evade in the nick of time! The place was pitch dark. How can I know there was a car? He/She didn’t put any lights! Stupid man. More stupid was that he was off course on my the road! I almost got injured that night.

4) Speeding up:- If you want to go drag race in the road then you ought do it during the morning time preferably at 1am to 3 am. Because if you do it during the normal hours you are just asking for suicide and murder. So whenever your speeding think of it.

5) Be responsible – Remember what happened during the past when two innocent children got crushed by the teacher while she was reversing the car? Imagine if you know the teacher and you know of the victims. What happened after that? Is it really an accident?

“Accident” is just a word for those who wish to escape the crimes they commit. It is a scapegoat. In fact the word accident has been tempered into the local papers for many years now. Why is it not called a Crime? For the “accidents” committed are because of irresponsible acts which are highly avoidable.

Imagine you got hit by someone and he says its an “accident”. Where is in fact it is because of him texting while driving. Imagine your family got crashed because one drunk guy who then testified in court saying it was an “accident”. It does not make any sense at all.

Let us Bruneians take upon the responsibility to work this one out. Let us do all the little things said above before any “accidents” happens. It either could be made by you, me or someone else. But best believe no one will want to experience it. No one wants to injure one another and most certainly no one wants to kill. Do the little things as said above, there are small part of the things which can make you, your family and your friend safe.

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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