Two of my children go to the public primary school and the other goes to a private school. Both have school canteens.

They sell chips, burgers, pizzas, sausage rolls and other junk food including fried fatty food.

They are being sold for years and also have become the preferred snack for children in public and private schools leading to bad lifestyle illnesses among children.

There is a need to improve children’s nutrition by setting health standards for snacks and beverages sold in schools.

I would suggest for the set up of an authority or at least a joint effort by the Ministry of Health and the principals and the headmasters to hold inspections at school canteens.

This is to ensure that the quality of food sold in the canteens as well as cleanliness and sanitation meets prescribed health standards.

The probe should also ensure that school canteens are well-equipped, first make sure schools have adequate kitchen facilities, dining facilities and school catering staff meet health requirements and even have enough capacity within the kitchen to cope with demand.

One particular concern is about food operators.

They should be more responsible and adhere to high health standards so that food served to students are served in a cleaner way.

School authorities as well as teachers should play a proactive role to make sure there is strict enforcement against unhealthy food served to students.

Some children say they feel extremely tired by the end of the day and can only jog for 15 minutes or less at a stretch.

This is due to them being unfit by not having enough exercise and eating all the wrong food.

Help our children maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By Parents who care, BSB