Jan 3rd 2012

This time The AMO Times got a chance to interview Tse Tow Joon Mann, President of the UBD Entrepreneurship Club about the organization. Officially Established in August 2009, It is a university society that aims to develop entrepreneurship within youths. The Youths holds the key toward Brunei’s future destiny, in this case they effectively positioned themselves as a force to be reckoned with in developing a Greater Brunei Darussalam by 2035.

The UBD Entrepreneurship Club inspires and encourage youths towards putting their best foot forward. In terms of thinking outside the box and actively developing their individual entrepreneurial spirit. It also acts as a social platform to create values for the mass. Through Charity and voluntary activities they are doing just that.

UBD Entrepreneurship encompasses the whole development of the entrepreneurial youth spirit. An element crucial to get ahead in the ever increasing globalized economy now.

The Organization though has an interesting appeal here.

“The club would change its vision and theme every semesters. We would then be involved in activities that are linked towards the theme so we take baby steps in trying to educate people. To instill the entrepreneurial spirit. If you look at the big picture we are totally trying to inspire more potential entrepreneurs to rise up and contribute to society.” Joon Mann explained.

“If your thinking of creating youth’s that would come out of society that respect the norms, work hard to get to the top and have this “Kiasu” mentality that the singaporean has..Well i guess you cant really get individuals who would rise up and be the next steve jobs or the next Mark Zuckerberg.” He continued

“So far through I could see many individuals in Brunei who are really going for it, if you were to ask them who inspires them the most they would probably say Steve, Mark, Parker and a whole lot of silicon valley names.”

Through UBD Entrepreneurship Club, He wants to push the standards of Bruneian youth development.

Right now they are working closely with Aseanpreneur. It is one of the biggest student society in Singapore that aims to promote entrepreneurship across the ASEAN region. This case Aseanpreneur approached UBD Entrepreneurship Club is doing just that. Right now the club is growing healthy towards creating not only awareness of entrepreneurship but a more bigger game: To strengthen the bonds of young entrepreneures across ASEAN.

“I think networking bruneians with our asean counterpart is important because you get really different perspectives on things. Who knows the person you just met through Aseanpreneur might know another person who share the same interest like you do so when you link up things just blossom from there.”

Through this UBD Entrepreneurship Club is moving forward in its aims to promote entrepreneurship in youths. But one may think that “entrepreneurship” is a cliche now but it not.

In fact it is a culture that the nation needs in order to achieve His Majesty’s vision of Creating a Greater Brunei Darussalam by 2035. A key to National Growth.

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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