28th-29th January 2012 will be one of the most anticipated event of the year for Business School Students.

Its The Big Business School Funfair Event.

It is going to be a hit!

With BRUNEI COSPLAYERS invited, this will surely appeal to a lot of anime lovers in Brunei.

Officiated by the Deputy Minister of Education himself, the Fun Fair would be looking to invite at least 500 – 1000 students to come and join in the fun.

“I hope its gona be interesting and I wish people will enjoy and help us to support our school” Amal Hidayati representing Red Bloom said.

Red Bloom is one of the 14 youth groups that is preparing for the The Big Business School Funfair.

Headed by Latul Adli, Red Bloom will also organize outdoor games, events and other competitions to keep the excitement rolling.

There will be Nerf Target Shootout, RingToss and TwisterBall organized by the Group.

But that is just 1 out off the 12 groups organizing, so there is plenty to go around in the huge event.

Event Details
DATE AND TIME : 28th January 2012 – 8.00AM – 5.00PM (Saturday)
29th January 2012 – 8.00AM – 5.30PM (Sunday)
ADDRESS : Simpang 347, Jalan Pasar Baharu, Gadong Sekolah Perdagangan
It is open for public

Anybody interested to join can contact Amal Hidayati at her facebook or you could simply call their numbers at 8694794 or 8845468.

Abdul Malik Omar
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