28th December- It is one of the most awkward yet epic wedding proposal ever! A Malaysian dude proposed her girlfriend through the 9GAG famous meme characters. 

He was standing outside a restaurant where her girlfriend is in and started to run the meme flash cards. Where in the end she proposed to his lovely girl. The final best part of it is that She accepted it! 

When the video went up in youtube, it went viral. A lot of people were so excited about the video that they just had to post it up among their friends and families.

At first I find it a bit awkward for a guy to propose through the meme. But then I took an arrow in the knee when I watched their video.

So without further ado here is it, the famous and adoring meme wedding proposal.

Here is more information through this picture:Malaysian newspaper on Meme ProposalTo the newly wedded couple, we from The AMO Times Brunei would like to say congratulations for the bold move and we wish you a very happy holidays and a wonderful new year. So too the readers who reading this. Yeaps You :). We wish you to have a prosperous future to come, to live well with less and to be bold in embracing future opportunities for 2012. Cheers~


Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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