28December- ARTTRALIA has made another important landmark that would imlement their positions further in promoting the love of art to the public mass: The Mural Painting at MegaStrike Bowling Wall.

They were PTEK students who painted and designed part of the wall of the famous Megastrike Bowling. It was not all roses for them as the project involves the youths to start their work after official closing time. From 12am up until 7am for 6 days straight to finish it up.

Some of the students involved in this project are Mohammed High (Mohammed Hairol Abdulkhan) , Zak Wan Za (Zakwan) and Adzim Othman.

But after it was done it was one of the most proudest achievement yet. With their painting over in one of the most famous hot spots of Brunei, ARTTRALIA is sending its clear message to everyone: ARTTRALIA is here, Expect us for more.

“It has been such a great experience and honor to be able to work at this level. thank you very much for everybody’s support :)” Erne the Co-founder of ARTTRALIA group then said.

In MegaStrike Bowling Centre‘s facebook page they were very pleased with them by saying “Congratulations on the local art group: Artralia group of young brunei artists, on the fantastic job done for the MegaStrike Wall. We are proud to support and showcase the hard and dedicated work done by these talented group of young locals. We wish them future success with all their projects.”

So here’s what Mohammed High (Mohammed Hairol Abdulkhan) , Zak Wan Za (Zakwan) and Adzim Othman have done. Cheers!

ARTTRALIA is a Youth Group that aims to take the Bruneian Art Industry by Storm. Founded in 2009 at PTEK, the group is part of the rising leagues lead that aims to develop His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mui’zadin Wadaulat Sultan of Brunei’s Vision of creating a Greater Brunei Darussalam by the year 2035.

Keep in touch with them in their facebook page at “Arttralia Group Of Young Brunei Artists

Abdul Malik Omar
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