ARTTRALIA is a Youth Group that aims to take the Bruneian Art Industry by Storm. Founded in 2009 at PTEK, the group is making bold leaps and strides to promote Local Art through Local Carnivals, Gallery Shows and local Art Competitions.

The Bruneian Youths involved in ARTTRALIA is a testiment of the rising leagues that will help lead to the development of A Greater Brunei Darussalam by the year of 2035. A Vision made by His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mui’zadin Wadaulat Sultan of Brunei.

Erne Co-Founder of ARTTRALIA

We have caught up with Erne Azlina Zainal, one of the founders to dwelve more about ARTTRALIA’s creation. From this The AMO Times would hopefully showcase you the reasons behind ARTTRALIA’s relentless passion to promote Art across Brunei Darussalam.

In an informal interview with The AMO Times, we asked her how she, turned a long time hobby to a fiery passion to develop Art Industry in Brunei Darussalam.

“I’ve been doing art since I was in kindergarden (1996). I got 2nd price in a drawing competition. I was very active doing any kind of ARTs other than just paintings for example singing and dancing. Is martial arts included? hehe” She teasingly added.

“Also in joining the colour competition held by KFC, mostly winning 1st prize. I just love the surrounding of competing with people that have good skills so I can compare my works with them and at the same time learning from my mistakes.”

However the 20 year old admitted that she almost stopped doing Art. She explained that it was due to the PSR exams. It was only after 4 years that she re-kindled her passion. This was through her Teacher’s encouragment that got her through pressing times.

“The 1st time when I went to his class, my art were very ugly cause I was rusty, then the teacher pushed me to step my game up. Thus in O’lvel exam I got a “B”. It surprised me. Never knew I could get that kind of mark, thought it was lower than that. I felt very greatful.”

Later during her A’level years in PTEK (2009-2010), She took Art and Design as one of her subjects. With hopes to unravel the beauty of Art, the subject was a God send to her dreams. It opened up the floodgates of wisdom crafted through the ages by the Grand Master of the past.

“It INSPIRED me into wanting to learn more about Art. The Art lecturers in PTEK were awesome. They really help a lot and were very supportive.”

During her A’level years, her classmates and her would innovate and experiment different levels of Art form. Being taught by local artists and surrounded by true Fan Lovers gave her the greatest pleasure.

“It was FUN to be surrounded by people who are Fans of art, to explore more about its different aspects. I focus more in my art subject and got an “A” for it. It was a relief and its worth the hard work.”

“While waiting for UBD admission, I got nothing great to do at all, it was very dull. So I made commission paintings for people just so that I won’t get “rusty” in painting and drawing. Then I also joined in an Art competition held for His Majesty Birthday.”

“One day, Our group exhibited our art works at the KatakIjau’s Charity Carnival by the end of May 2011”

That was the begging of everything for the Group. Afterwards they would create K.A.D (Katok Art & Design) before changing its name to the famous ARTTRALIA later on.

One of their ArtWorks

They were invited by KatakIjau again, this time to host an exhibition.  It attracted the public appeal.(Show in Pictures above)

“Though we were new, the positive feedbacks and affirmations by the loving public set us on a trail. And we are still Youths! Then we thought of changing our group’s name that would somhow fit us all.”

“So when the National Youth Day took place in September, ARTTRALIA was finally born. The name was comprised by the abbrevation of the word ART arTRAction beLIA.”

“The group was very great and fun to be with, each of the members has different personalities and qualities in ART. Each of them do different sorts of areas in ART as what you can see in the ARTTRALIA INFO. Teaching each other and share different ideas together is what we love to do.”

Right now ARTTRALIA is steadily but aggressively on the move. Their current project they are doin now is Mural Painting. At the moment they are unifiying their strengths to face off in upcoming local Art Competitions. Competitions such as Think Big’s Immerse and “I love Brunei” held by Brunei Times.

Now the question here is would these ARTTRALIA’s ambitious youths someday represent our countries in developing the Local Art Industry after all of which they have done now?

Time will tell and The AMO Times supports what they do. We believe in  them as much as we believe in the Youths. Thats why The AMO Times is created in the first place.

For a Greater Brunei Darussalam by 2035 awaits us all.

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Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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