How do you make a billion dollar out of a product that makes people sick and stink?

Well you use MIND CONTROL!

Mind Control is by defintion programming someone’s mind subtly to do what the controller tell them to do.

Billions of dollars are being spent on this resarch. Just like research on Cars and Airplanes technology.

In this case its the billion dollar research into the the human mind.

A subtle term of it is “Marketing”.

How do Mind Control works?

1st one is Associations. Its having someone famous endorsing and consuming the product viewed by their fans.

Just to give an example, the Media potrays cool actors or actresses to smoke it. Like Johnny Deep or Marilyn Monroe.

If you see this you will immdeietly thougt that smoking is so Cool and sexy because Johnny Deep and Marilyn is Smoking too.

The 2nd thing is Persistent advertising. If you see an ad for numerous times it would increase your chances of consuming the product.

That is why Companies spend billions of dollars in advertising. In the TV, Radio and many other forms of media.

It would definitely serve their purpose in implanting the public’s mind of smoking their product. And you know what it works to them!

Finally, their leverage in Social Pressure.

Just as people are uncomfortable to break conformity in society due to what “they” may say, Companies would create this bullshit scenario that smoking is for “Real Men” and that if you do not smoke your a “girl” .

So the only way to feel comfortable in the group is to smoke.

And ta daa you have a new smoker!

Added this up with the 100 monkey theory and wala! Its spreads like fire on the dry woods.

Let us all not deter from this form of Mind Control tricks. For its purpose is to mess up with our minds.

The next time you see a cigarette commercial with Huge Jackman smoking the latest Winston or some friends forcing you to smoke, you will be sure that its the working of the Commercial Cigarette Giants.

But cigarette is not the only product that Mind Control were used to persuade people to buy is it?

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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