23 Dec- Canadian Director James Cameron is being sued by a filmmaker named Eric Ryder for stealing his Idea about the Avatar movie.

Apparently, Eric Ryder thought off the movie first. He called it KRZ 2068. Abstract name is it?

Then he went to James thinking of doing a partnership. It fell out.

It was in 1997(Wow its been 14 years already?)

Fast forward. When the movie came out it was a Blockbuster success that made Cameron a lot of Money $$$.

Eric went ballistic! It was his Idea after all or maybe….depends if he wins the lawsuit

Turns out he ain’t the first guy who sued Cameron.

In March 2010, author Zhoe Shaomou claimed that his book Tale of the Blue Crow is where he stole the Idea from.

He was looking for $145 million in copyright infringement money. Kiasu?

Abdul Malik Omar
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