Under Kim Jong Ill’s leadership North Korea and the world lived under terror.

His Iron girp put forth fear to the world.

Mess with him and you’ll be bombed!

As last year when the bomb strike happened last year in South Korea.

North Korea bombs South Korea's Yeonpyeong Island, 2010

If your in his country you will be mind controlled to obey!

Its propaganda to the messed up extent.

A NK officer bashing the White House

Kim Jong Ill is feared even by the superpowers of the west: The United States.

It put forth huge efforts to coax them to put the NK big stick down: The Atomic Bomb.

With an atomic bomb by his side, he could push a button and BOOM!

But as of yesterday in a public announcement, he died of a heart attack at the age of 69 years old.

He was on a train.

This is Kim Jong Ill.

Kim Jong Ill

Surprising right, of how such a nice looking elderly person could be so evil….. or is he?

He looks nice in this picture.

Contrary of what the media has portrayed him, these pictures might make you think otherwise.

As Leader of his nation he is always on the move to develop North Korea.

From agriculture to politics, from military to industry.

Though he threatens the world, its for his country’s sake.

North Korea is being be bullied, threatened and dissected by world superpowers for decades now.

So its natural for a person to defend oneself from threats.

In North Korea by building Nuclear Weapons would ensure their country’s safety.

United Nations further sanctions made his Nation suffer.

So basically his North Korea is a lonely island surrounded by sharks.

North Korea Kim Jong Il
Kim Jong Ill(Far Left( with Kim Jong Un(Far right)

Kim Jong Ill is doing what he can to defend his country.

Now that he is dead, his son Kim Jong Un will succeed him as National Leader.

The video below is the reaction of the People in North Korea.

*Viewers discretion :- The video may be strange to most of you!

Kim Jong Ill in His prime years

Whatever the stories may be, Kim Jong Ill will always be remembered as a Dictator by the world and somewhat a Saint by most of the North Korean Majority.

“Long Live Kim Jong Ill!!” shouted a women in the frenzy streets of Pyong Yang.

Indeed his terror will be remembered, but so too for his will to defend his Country.

Abdul Malik Omar
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