When I woke up today, The first thing I realized was the sound of the crashing waves against the coast and the gales rampaging Southend-On-Sea. It has been like this for the last few days now. Then I went down the kitchen to cook myself a breakfast. Then outside I saw this. Just skip up to 0.20.

The fences were literally blown down. The Gale must have been strong. I pity my landlord. He has to pay for this.


According to the news, every 70mph of gales will hit the south coast in the early morning(as we have experienced here).

Temperatures will dip down to 5C and more worst is the winds that will make it even cooler. So have your jackets and handgloves ready!

Today strong winds and rains are expected to occur in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Northern England.

It won’t be strong as 165mph as we have seen in Scotland last week. Just to give a metaphor of how 165mph looks like click this link. YAHAMA AT 165MPH.

This picture is taken from Internet Sources

Tim Hewson, Head of the weather office, said: “There is some uncertainty in the forecast for later in the week, but there is potential for a significant storm and we are keeping a close eye on the situation as it develops.”

While in Scotland

Hundreds of people were still left without power last Sunday after last week’s gales. Temperatures dipped to a friggin cold -7.6C in the Highlands and -1.5C in Glasgow. Engineers are doing the best they can to restore them.

So students out there living in Scotland, be careful of the weather conditions. Also note that come flights by Edinburgh and Glasgow airports had been cancelled/delayed due to high winds. Stay at home, Do not Panic and If you would like to share your experiences then contact us at The AMO Times Facebook Fanpage. Cheers Bravehearts!

Abdul Malik Omar
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