Two legendary geniuses battle it out on who shall take the crown to be The AMO Times 19th Century Greatest Inventor!


Edison has made a head on competition against Tesla, who shall win the title for The AMO Times 19th Century Greatest Inventor? You vote!

Thomas Alva Edison famous for inventing the Light bulb is a creative genius who led an army of brilliant scientist to help him achieve his ambitions. This ultimately gave him the leverage to create over 1000+ patents! He could muster financial resources at ease through his influential and powerful contacts by the likes of Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone and Ft Myres. Men with tremendous wealth at their disposal.

Most of the his inventions made are readily commercialized. So its no problem in making money out of his products. Its an important note to take that he is a business genius too. Edison created General Electric and is dubbed as the Godfather of Company. In 2011, Fortune ranked GE the 6th largest firm in the U.S.

When he died, he died a very rich and powerful man. He is a figure that is worth inspiring for. The book “Think and Grow Rich” mentioned him as a person who embodies the principle of Success.

He was the Steve Jobs of the 19th Century.

Nicolas Tesla is a man of pure brilliance who is famous for the invention of the 1st wireless electricity. As seen in TED by Eric Giler, This profound technology was invented by him! Think of it! This was in 1893. Over 100 friggin’ years ago!!

Tesla’s early careers started under Edison’s Company. Leading many discoveries that was patented by Edison for Edison! Edison took the credit for Tesla’s work. It is no doubt that he is more smarter scientifically than Edison. Yet he was a business flop. To give an example he invented the AC Current. Better than his Rival’s DC Current. Its because the latter wastes more electricity than the 1st. But America still preferred DC Current. Why? Only a handful knew about the AC Current even exist!

He is a great genius but trusts no one. After being sacked off by his investors and patents stolen many times over in the past he grew distrustful. Once he got financing from the famous JP Morgan but was cut out short due to relationship strains. As a result he could not commercialize his inventions effectively.

In his middle and final years he set out to for his own venture, Worked in a laboratory entirety alone, sometimes with only pigeons as his constant companionship. There he made his discoveries that still inspires and surprises the world today: Wireless electricity, the 1st Robot(!) , and a Death ray(!!!!)

In his dying days he was all but happy. Alone, dejected and abandoned by everyone. Only a few decades afterwards only did people realize of the contributions he made to the society. From there the “Tesla” Discoveries paved way for further innovations and revolutions on his Ideas and Inventions. Like the Electricity fueled Car.

He is Considered by The AMO Times funnily as the 19th century Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie.

So its time for your vote. Who do you think should be The AMO Times Greatest Inventor of the 19th century? You Decide!

Voting closes at 22/12/2011

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times

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