Istvan Orosz is graphic designer and his work is recognized in some on animated films as animator and also a director in a few. This kind of art is called anamorphosis, it was invented in China. In the 16th century, this form is brought to Italy in the time of Renaissance.  Even Leonardo da Vinci were mastering this 3D technique.

anamorphic drawing 1

anamorphic drawing 2

The technique is simple,  conical or cylindrical mirror is placed on the drawing to transform a distorted drawing into an outstanding 3D picture that could be seen from different angles. According to public, Orosz’s best work is the first picture above called Mysterious Island, beautiful drawing of a seashore.

anamorphic drawing 3

anamorphic drawing 6

anamorphic drawing 9

anamorphic drawing 10

anamorphic drawing 7

anamorphic drawing 8


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