By Michał Jarocki on Friday, December 9th, 2011

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Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation has announced a deal made with the authorities of Brunei’s Sultanate on the sale of twelve Black Hawk helicopters. The contract was signed on December 2nd. Its prices isn’t yet known though.
Brunei to buy twelve Sikorky’s Black Hawk helicopters

Twelve helicopters of the newest S-70i version will be manufactured by the Polish PZL Mielec production facility, which has been a part of U.S.-based Sikorsky Corp. since 2007. The agreement also includes a delivery of spare parts as well as training and equipment for land personnel.

Janusz Zakrecki the chairman of PZL’s board declares that his very happy about Brunei’s decision and promises that the Polish manufacturer will fulfill the contract without any delays. It’s worth noticing that PZL Mielec has already finished its first foreign contract when it delivered three of the helicopters to an undisclosed customer in August 2011.

Although first Black Hawks will be delivered to the Brunei Darussalam in 2013, pilots training on ground simulators will start sooner. Furthermore Sikorsky Corp. announced that one of the simulators will be placed in Brunei in order to speed up the training process.

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