Total lunar eclipse

At around 10.30pm last night, Brunei Drussalam witnessed one of the miracles of the world: The Eclipse.

According to Myth in other countries, Many believe that an eclipse is an omen of some natural disaster or the death or downfall of a ruler or simply bad luck.

Hmm???? Sounds familiar in other countries???

The downfall of the three dictators- Muammar Gadaffi(Libya), Pres. Ben Ali(Tunisia) and Pres. Mubarak(Egypt)…

Somehow the myth might just be true………


Or it even applies to football like the 2 Manchester clubs that got kicked out of The Champions league not awhile ago!!!

Ronney accepting his demise
Vincent Kompany
Take that losers!

As Ali hartono a Liverpool hardcore fan commented in his wall post ‎”Due to the exit of the 2 manchester clubs from the champions league there will be 2 minutes laughter before every league match this weekend.”

Added with the eclipse it was epic!

But regardless of the meaning given to them, eclipses will continue to occur, always obeying the regular timetables of celestial motions.

The spectacle, which occurs when the earth casts its shadow over the Moon, has been watched from Australia, Asia, North America and in particularly in Burnei Darussalam.

At some points, indirect sunlight still illuminated the Moon while shrouded by crystal clear skies.

The shadow started to fall at 11:33 GMT and ended after 17:30 GMT. The moon was totally eclipsed for 51 minutes eight seconds.

This was the second total lunar eclipse this year; the first occurred in June.

The next total lunar eclipse, experts say, isn’t due until October 2014. A partial lunar eclipse will take place in June and a penumbral lunar eclipse in November next year.

Abdul Malik Omar
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